VIDEO: Sheffield Star reporters beaten by eating challenge - could you scoff 12 pancakes in a row?

As South Yorkshire goes flipping mad for Pancake Day, two Sheffield Star reporters took on the ultimate eating challenge - and attempted to scoff 12 of the tasty treats in a row.

The Cabin cafe in Sheffield city centre laid down the ultimate challenge to journalists Darren Burke and Dan Windham to eat 12 of their delicious pancakes topped with mixed fruit and maple syrup in just 20 minutes.

Darren and Dan tuck in.

Darren and Dan tuck in.

While the pair came achingly close to finishing, they were sadly beaten by the bulge with both having two pancakes left on their plates when the timer started beeping.

Dan, aged 25, of Broomhall in Sheffield, and Darren, aged 44, of Scawsby in Doncaster, both put up a gutsy display but said they were gutted to have failed to complete the challenge.

Said Dan: "I'm a bit disappointed as I'm generally quite competitive - it would have been great to finish but I couldn't manage it."

Darren added: "The first half was great, they were very tasty. But after a while the stodge just became too much."

Darren and Dan after the challenge.

Darren and Dan after the challenge.

The eating challenge has only been successfully completed by two people, a man and a woman, out of 12 who have attempted it since The Cabin was opened in September last year. They took their place on the 'Wall of Fame'.

Darren and Dan were invited to make the attempt to help celebrate Shrove Tuesday today - an annual celebration preceding the start of Lent which many mark by eating pancakes.

The cafe is run by Lindsay Lonchar, aged 48, and her American husband George, aged 53, who wanted to give Sheffield residents an authentic taste of Stateside specialties.

Lindsay said: "We have always loved American and Canadian food and we wanted to bring some of those authentic flavours to Sheffield.

Darren appears to be struggling.

Darren appears to be struggling.

"The eating challenge is a bit of fun and when we have people getting down to the final seconds we have a count down with people chanting and it makes for a great atmosphere.

"If you are going to attempt it I would advise choosing a topping that is a bit more light like mixed fruit over something like peanut butter.

"I've never attempted it myself though - three pancakes and I'm done!"