VIDEO: Sheffield gunman caught on CCTV

An elderly couple have told how they feared for their lives when a suspected gunman shot  two bullets into their living room as one of them watched TV.

Janet Tuckett was sat on her settee watching programmes in the early hours of the morning when the ammunition came crashing through the window at their Sheffield home.

The suspect opens fire.

The suspect opens fire.

One of the bullets shot straight through the back of a nearby chair - missing the 65-year-old by a whisker.

She said: "I heard two loud bangs and a pot of flowers shattered on the windowsill. At first I thought it was a brick, but then I saw the two holes in the window and the holes in the chair. I was shocked to my core.

"If I had been sat in the chair it would have gone straight through my back and I would have been dead. I feel terrified in my own home."

Her husband James, aged 68, was upstairs at the time and came rushing down.

James Tuckett at his home.

James Tuckett at his home.

He said: "There was glass everywhere and all of the fluff from the cushions had blown up. When we realised someone had shot at us we were gobsmacked. It has made us really fearful."

Chilling CCTV footage outside the couple's home in Southey Hall Road, Southey Green, captured the chilling moment the hooded suspect calmly opens fire at 3am on Wednesday.

The cameras show a figure in white trousers and a white hooded top appear outside, they then appear to flash a torch as a signal to someone down the road.

The suspect reappears moments later with a handgun and shoots twice.

One of the bullet holes.

One of the bullet holes.

Mr and Mrs Tuckett said police told them officers believe it may have been an organised hit between rival gangs or individuals - who had targeted the wrong house.

Police have not yet revealed any description of the suspect - not even if they are male or female - but Mr and Mrs Tuckett have reviewed the footage and believe it is a a man.

Mr Tuckett, a former office worker at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, said: "We have lived here for 30 years and have never had any problems.

"It must have been a case of mistaken identity. You just want to live a quiet life and never expect anything like this to happen."

Mrs Tuckett added: "I'm just in shock. I can't get over what has happened. It's really shaken me up."

They added that a police car has been parked outside their home since the incident to guard them against any further attacks.

The shooting is being linked with a previous incident in Wortley Road, High Green, on Tuesday, January 24, in which a gun was fired at another house.

Police arrested two men, aged 24 and 29, in connection with the shooting in Wortley Road. Both have been released on bail while enquiries continue.

Detective Inspector John Yoxall said: “Thankfully, the two people inside the house were not injured during this incident.

“Enquiries are now underway to identify those responsible, and we believe the offenders were attempting to target a particular address.

“We are also exploring the possibility that this incident could be linked to other recent firearms related incidents in Sheffield."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.