VIDEO: See what Doncaster in Australia looks like in this film clip

Doncaster in Australia. (Photo: YouTube).
Doncaster in Australia. (Photo: YouTube).

If you've ever wondered what Doncaster's namesake town in Australia looks like, then wonder no more!

This five minute clip, which has been uploaded to video sharing website YouTube, captures views of our Down Under Doncaster in all its sunny glory.

The dashcam footage of a drive through the suburb of Melbourne, shows wide, expansive roads, underneath beautiful blue skies and plenty of greenery as the vehicle passes along on of the area's main routes - Tram Road.

The footage also shows off the area's main shopping centre, Westfield, a popular attraction for the suburb's 18,000 residents.

The suburb, locally known as "Donny", just as its namesake in the UK, consists of a central area along the top of Doncaster Hill, which includes several historical buildings along Doncaster Road.

The Doncaster region was settled in the 1860s and 1870s, predominantly by German settlers and was named Waldau but the name Doncaster gradually became commonly accepted. rn edge of the suburb from 1983 to December 1997.