VIDEO: Residents feared 'some could have been killed' after gale force winds rip roof from Sheffield flat

Shocked residents have told how someone could have been killed when gale force winds ripped the roof off a flat and showered the street below in debris.

Gale force winds lifted roof tiles and insulation from a maisonette flat in Lowedges which fell to the ground causing damage to two parked cars below.

Damage to a flat in Atlantic Road, Lowedges.

Damage to a flat in Atlantic Road, Lowedges.

Neighbours said a resident at the property in Atlantic Road, believed to be a man aged in his 40s, is thought to have escaped unharmed.

But they said someone could have been killed had they been walking past as the pieces of roof hit the ground.

Daniel Purcell, aged 28, who lives in nearly Gervase Drive, walked past just moments after the wind had wreaked havoc and took pictures of the damage.

He said: "The winds were incredible and they just lifted the roof off with some force. There are a lot of elderly people who live around here and there's also a school with lots of kids knocking about.

Damage to a property in Gervase Drive, Lowedges.

Damage to a property in Gervase Drive, Lowedges.

"If any of the roof would have hit someone it could have killed them.

He added: "I think it is an elderly man who lives there. I think he has been moved out now while they repair the building."

An elderly woman, who also lives in the maisonette complex, but did not want to be named, said: "We just heard this almighty bang. People rushed to their windows to see what it was.

"It sounded like thunder. The winds were terrible."

The damaged roof at Atlantic Road, Lowedges.

The damaged roof at Atlantic Road, Lowedges.

Residents were counting the cost of the damage today after hurricane force winds of up to 93mph battered the city on Tuesday.

Elsewhere in Lowedges, the gales ripped off the gable end of another maisonette complex in Gervase Drive.

Mr Purcell said: "I heard this bang and when I looked out I noticed all this stuff what looked like snow.

"I realised it was the insulation from another property. I've never seen winds that high.

"I think an elderly woman lives in the flat above and a man in his 60s lives below. "

Construction workers were at the scene repairing the damage today. The properties affected are thought to be council owned.