VIDEO: Rare eerie glimpse inside mysterious and abandoned Doncaster 'doctor's house'

The abandoned doctor's house. (Photo: Google).

A mysterious and abandoned mansion in Doncaster has been captured on camera - giving an eerie glimpse inside the crumbling building after more than 20 years of decay.

The deserted gothic manor on the outskirts of the town has become a timewarp and is littered with reminders of the past after being left to go to rack and ruin after its occupants abandoned it in the 1990s.

The house, known locally as "The Doctor's House" is said to have belonged to psychiatrist Neil Silvester who in 1991 allowed a patient with mental health problems to be released from care - just days before she stabbed an 11-year-old girl to death in Doncaster's Arndale (now Frenchgate) shopping centre.

Video of the crumbling building, which is situated alongside the A638 at Hampole, has been uploaded onto video sharing website YouTube and gives a fascinating glimpse inside the building which has become a magnet for vandals as well as urbex fans - people who like to explore ruined buildings.

The seven minute clip, uploaded by user "Crazy Barry" shows an overgrown and weed-strewn former swimming pool, now daubed with graffiti, as well as rooms ravaged by the elements.

The footage was uploaded onto YouTube yesterday.

Neil Silvester - said to have owned the house at Hampole.

Floors, walls, ceilings and doors have all been wrecked and the house is also littered with rubbish and signs of people who have visited the house previously.

The building, which is known as both 'Manor House' and 'Ivy Farm Manor', is believed to have belonged to Mr Silvester who authorised the release of Carol Barratt from psychiatric care in April 1991.

The 24-year-old patient then randomly attacked schoolgirl Emma Brodie and stabbed her to death.

An inquiry found that Dr Silvester had made 'a serious error of clinical judgement' and he seems to have moved out of his Hampole home soon afterwards, although he continued to practice at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Carol Ann Barratt (obscured under a blanket) after her arrest.

The Grade II listed building dates from the early 19th century, although parts of the house are thought to be much older.

It is not known who currently owns the abandoned home.

A view from inside the abandoned house. (Photo: YouTube).

The swimming pool is now overgrown and daubed with graffiti. (Photo: YouTube).

Emma Brodie was 11 when she was stabbed to death in 1991.

A newspaper cutting about the incident in 1991.

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