VIDEO: Police open fire on tourists after England World Cup victory

These were the scenes in the centre of a packed tourist area after England's World Cup victory on Saturday.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 09 July, 2018, 09:54

Spanish police open fired on fans, emptying all the main bars in Benidorm's 'strip'.

Vikki Fernie said on Facebook: "Spanish do not hate the brits- they hate the typical tourist that is always drunk, Leary, loud and just disrespectful. I have friends who are Spanish and live in Majorca, Ibiza & mainland Spain. If you try to speak just a little of their language and are respectful to them even by saying hello to them, they will bend over backwards to help you and are such loving people. I was in Madrid a few years ago when Real Madrid was playing against Barcelona and I was in a bar. Both Barcelona & Real Madrid fans sat together watching the match and didn’t act how we act. They have so much respect for each other. They unfortunately have tarred us of the same brush that we are all the typical loud, drunk, leary tourist that demand we speak English when we are in THEIR country yet if they came here, it would be a completely different story. As I said, yes the Spanish police maybe are a little heavy handed in this clip but flip the coin, the U.K is far too soft!! The Spanish police are clearly being taunted too.

Ian Leith said: "Scum as usual - don’t know how to behave."

* Video courtesy of Alicante Transfers.