VIDEO: "Most pathetic crash in the world" captured on camera on Sheffield road: WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

The rider in the video pokes fun at himself. (Photo: YouTube).
The rider in the video pokes fun at himself. (Photo: YouTube).

This is the moment a motorcyclist suffered "the most pathetic crash in the world" in Sheffield.

Biker Adam Webb has shared video of the incident on YouTube - and despite being trapped beneath his vehicle and having to be rescued by passing motorists, he has poked fun at himself in the clip.

In the footage, captured on helmet cam, the green motorbike can be seen whizzing up Hagg Hill towards the junction of Bole Hill Road.

As he reaches the junction and pulls to a halt, the bike topples over, sending the motorcyclist crashing over a wall where he yells in pain and another motorist can be seen coming to his aid.

Posting a comment below the short clip on the video sharing website he wrote: "After negotiating a wet Snake Pass, I reached Hagg Hill in Sheffield.

"The hill is incredibly steep and as I got to the top of the hill, I accidentally hit neutral instead of 1st gear and, well, you can see what happened."

In the clip, which was filmed in May, he can be heard to shout: "Ah f***" and "ahhh crikey" as he is pinned to the grass by the vehicle.

But Adam could see the funny side of the incident and titled the video "pathetic crash" and also added the caption "the most pathetic crash in the world to the clip."

He added: "Massive respect to the people that stopped to help lift the bike off of me, you really are heroes."