VIDEO: Huge crane lifts pre-built houses into place in Doncaster

Two new pre-built houses claimed to be among the first of their kind in the county were lifted into place as part of a precise operation in Balby on Sunday.

The two modular homes were installed as part of housing firm Keepmoat's final work on the Dominion development around Woodfield Way.

A huge crane lifts the upper floor of a new modular home into place on Woodfield Way

Each of the homes arrived on the back of lorries in two pieces and was carefully lifted into place by a huge mobile crane.

Woodfield Way was closed for ten hours as the precise operation took place with wintery downpours making life difficult for the team of builders.

Keepmoat teamed with modular homes specialist Elliott last year to form ILKE Homes and set a target of manufacturing 750 affordable homes within three years.

ILKE Homes claims the process reduces build time of the homes by six months with buyers able to move in just two weeks after they are installed.

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