VIDEO: Hardy sow Elizabeth gives birth to 'record-breaking' 10 female piglets at Sheffield farm

Elizabeth the hardy sow is taking a well earned rest - after giving birth to a potentially world record-breaking 10 female piglets!

The two-year-old Gloucestershire old spot pig produced the huge litter at Graves Park Animal Park last Friday morning.

Jack Tankard with the piglets.

Jack Tankard with the piglets.

And farm workers believe that because the 10 piglets are all female - this could even be a world first.

It is at least the biggest litter of all female piglets in the farm's 40-year history.

Farm worker Jack Tankard, aged 22, said: "We are looking into it but we think this might be the largest litter of all female piglets that has even been born. It's the most in the farm's history that's for certain.

"We have had quite a lot of visitors in since they were born and everyone is saying how cute they are."

The piglets.

The piglets.

They were delivered by stocksman Chris Dyson and all are healthy.

Jack added: "We were quite surprised when they all came out female. But it's nice to have something unique and unusual at the farm.

"We haven't given them any names though. There are too many and they all look alike."

The world record for the largest litter of male and female piglets is believed to be 27.

The piglets.

The piglets.

The farm has been posting regular updates on their progress to their Facebook page, which has gone down a storm with the public.

Lisa Saveall and her daughter were one of the first members of the public to see the piglets.

She posted on Facebook: "My little girl came today with her grandmother and loved seeing them and the baby goats."

The piglets will live on site with their mum and when they are older will either remain at Graves Park with the other sows, or be sold on to other farm parks or private buyers.

The park is open to the public and along with the pigs is also home to Highland cattle, Jacob sheep, goats, donkeys, waterfowl and other animals.

The park has recently ordered in 18, 000 chocolate eggs for a huge Easter Egg hunt. Families are invited to take part in twice daily egg hunts at 11.30am and 2pm between April 14 and 17. It costs £2 to take part.

The farm is open to the public seven days a week, except Christmas Day, between 9am and 4pm.