VIDEO: Gang warfare fears as firearms are reportedly shot 230 times in South Yorkshire in less than a year

Shocking figures today reveal firearms have reportedly been discharged 230 times in South Yorkshire in less than a year - leading to fears of gang warfare on our streets.

The statistics show weapons including air rifles, explosive firearms and guns were discharged at a rate of about five times a week over the last 10 months.

Aseel Al-Essaire.

Aseel Al-Essaire.

Sheffield has the highest number in South Yorkshire with 95 reported incidents between April 1 2016 and February 8 this year.

These latest figures come after a wave of gun crime in the city that has left one man dead and another fighting for life in hospital.

Aseel Al-Essaie, aged 23, was shot and killed in Upperthorpe, on February 18 - just five days after Cameron Spalding, aged 25, was shot in a separate incident in Shiregreen. He was in a stable condition in hospital last week. There is no suggestion the victims were involved in gang crime activities.

In the weeks prior, dramatic CCTV captured the moment an armed yob fired two bullets into the home of elderly couple James and Janet Tuckett in Shiregreen in what police believe was a case of mistaken identity. Days before shots were also fired at a home in High Green. Those believed to be responsible are still at large.

CCTV of an armed man firing a gun at a couple's home in Southey Green.

CCTV of an armed man firing a gun at a couple's home in Southey Green.

Concerns have now been raised about a rising tide of possible gang violence in the city - amid fears that innocent members of the public are getting caught up in the crossfire.

Dr Alan Billings, police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire, said: "I am satisfied that the police are on top of it here as much as they can be but the disturbing thing recently is that guns are being used on the streets and therefore although incidents may be inter-gang issues there is always the possibility that innocent members of the public can be caught up in it."

The statistics were revealed through an Freedom of Information request made to South Yorkshire Police, which showed offences where a firearm is recorded as ''fired - causing injury to a person', 'fired causing property damage' and 'fired - no injury or property damage'.

Alongside Sheffield's 95 recorded incidents, Doncaster saw 49, Barnsley had 44 and Rotherham recorded 42. The figures are slightly down when compared with the previous 12-month period - April 2015 to March 2016 - which saw 245 recorded incidents across South Yorkshire.

James Tuckett at his home.

James Tuckett at his home.

Temporary Superintendent Rebecca Chapman, who oversees firearms crime for South Yorkshire Police, said it "remains the case that a significant number of firearms incidents are directly related to organised crime and gang activity" and police have a "number of dedicated operations in place."

But she added: "To put this data into context, the majority of these recorded discharges are those where no discharge was confirmed – this means that there was no ballistic material at the scene to support that a discharge had taken place – or they relate to air weapons being fired, either being used lawfully or on open land."

Seven people have been arrested in connection with Mr Al-Essaie's death, and a man was quizzed by detectives in relation to the shooting of Mr Spalding.

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