VIDEO: Gang of women in mass brawl outside Doncaster pub

This is the moment a group of women began fighting in the street in a mass brawl outside a Doncaster town centre pub.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 12 September, 2017, 12:09

More than 25 people were caught up in the drama after what appears to be a row between two women spilled out of the Coach and Horses in Scot Lane and ended up with a gang of women wrestling and exchanging fisticuffs on the pavement.

The clip, which has gone viral on Facebook, shows the women arguing and shouting at each other, before the sound of breaking glass can be heard and the violence spills onto the street.

Women fight in the street outside the Coach and Horses in Scot Lane. (Photo: Scott Harrison).

A blonde haired woman in a blue dress and a dark haired woman in a red top can be seen slugging it out, while friends rush in to join in the melee as the pair roll around on the pavement.

Other women can be seen rushing in to join in the scrap as drinkers watch the spectacle unfolding around them.

The pair are eventually separated and pulled apart - but other scuffles break out as the fight spills over into the road.

The clip, which was filmed last Saturday night, has already been shared and watched hundreds of times on Facebook.

Women fight in the street outside the Coach and Horses in Scot Lane. (Photo: Scott Harrison).

The man who filmed the clip and who wishes to be named only as Scott, said: "The pub was full. There was an altercation outside with some punters arguing.

"It spilled out into the street and everyone started fighting, especially the women.

"My partner said she saw a blonde woman come out and hit another lady, which started with them all jumping on each other. It looked like two separate incidents rolling into one."

It is not the first time the pub has been at the centre of a viral video.

In May, a bizarre video of a karaoke night at the watering hole was watched thousands of times, featuring a colourful collection of characters including an elderly man shuffling across the dancefloor, a man in a donkey jacket marching robotically to the music and a little person wandering through the shot.

You can watch that video HERE