VIDEO: Furry new arrivals at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster

They are the latest furry arrivals at Doncaster’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

The attraction, based at Branton, has seen a number of baby wallabies born this year, which have proved popular with visitors who have been able to see them snuggled in their mothers’ pouches.

The Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The park now has seven ‘joeys’, or baby wallabies at the park, as well as 22 grown-ups. The young ones are aged from three months to nearly a year old.

The Wallabies live in the Wallaby Walkabout section of the park, which allows people to get close to the animals.

Park director Cheryl Williams said: “We haven’t named them yet. Visitors love Wallaby Walkabout where they can walk amongst the wallabies and see the joeys really close up.

“The wallabies are very chilled out – most have been born here at the park and are very used to our guests and having their photos taken at close quarters!

“When the joeys are born they are the size of a jelly bean, and will live in their mum’s pouch pretty much till they don’t fit in it any more.”