VIDEO: Fresh footage of plague of rats caught on camera in Doncaster town centre car park

New footage has emerged of a plague of rats which have horrified shoppers in a Doncaster town centre car park.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 04 July, 2017, 12:32

Bypasser Jason Walsh captured the rodents scampering from bushes and underneath cars just yards away from other pedestrians near to the car park for the B&M store in Marshgate.

It comes after footage from the same location last week when another pedestrian captured a clip of "at least 20 rats, some the size of cats" of the animals scurrying beneath cars in broad daylight.

The rats have been captured on camera twice now. (Photo: Jason Walsh).

Said Mr Walsh: "I couldn't believe how many I saw, just had to record them."

Last week, Bentley man Damon Housley shared a similar clip of the rats saying: "I stopped counting at 20. They weren't even bothered by having a human there."

In the original clip, which you can watch HERE he can be heard commenting: "Donny town centre for you. There's about 20 of them. Dirty Doncaster. Look at them."

Mr Housley said he was worried about the disease the rats were carrying.

The rats have been captured on camera twice now. (Photo: Jason Walsh).

"People walk through the car park, get into their car before walking into their house, stepping on the carpet and bringing diseases into their own homes," he said.

"We pay our council taxes for rubbish to be removed and to keep the town clean, and that's obviously not happening."