VIDEO: Doncaster protest march over Gaza bloodshed

More than 100 people joined a Doncaster Stop the War group protest march about the conflict in Gaza today.

The town centre demonstration started at the Civic Office in Sir Nigel Gresley Square at 12pm.

“We are extremely angry and concerned about the plight of the people of Gaza and Israel’s war on the civilian population and children in particular,” said spokesman John Westmoreland.

The protesters, including many from the Doncaster’s Asian and Arab communities, marched along Printing Office Street and St Sepulchre Gate to make local people more aware of the situation in Gaza, ending with a rally on the steps of the Mansion House.

Mr Westmoreland added: “We just want to make people more aware of the plight of Gaza. The never-ending attacks on Gaza by the Israelis have got to stop.

“People should also consider how the BBC are presenting this as a struggle between governments when Israel is one of the most heavily armed countries in the world and Hamas have just a few rockets. This all started with the slaughter of innocent civilians.”

The Stop the War group is also urging people to boycott Israeli goods and they are lobbying local MPs on the situation in Gaza.