VIDEO: Doncaster mum tells how her adorable four month old baby girl's full head of hair has made Primrose a local star

A Doncaster mum has told how her four month old baby's full head of hair has helped turned her into a local star.

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Pretty Primrose Holloway is so hirsute she has to wear a hat when her mum Kate Mason is in a rush - otherwise she gets so much attention she can't get anything done.

Kate with baby Primrose.

Kate with baby Primrose.

Primrose inherited her hair from Kate, 32 - but dad mechanical engineer, Tony Holloway, 34, is jealous of her full head of hair because he is thinning.

Kate, who lives in Crowle, said: "When I go out, I bob a hat on her to avoid too much attention.

"Anywhere we go people come up to us, amazed at how much hair she's got, we've even been asked if she's wearing a wig.

"If I'm in a hurry, nipping to the shop, I'll have to put her a hat on, usually a little beanie hat, because otherwise I would never get anything done."