VIDEO: Doncaster mayor Ros Jones defends £16m council cuts

Doncaster mayor Ros Jones defended her plans to make £16 million in cuts as she faced the full meeting of Doncaster Council today.

Older people, the disabled and carers will all feel the pinch as part of further service cuts to help Doncaster Council to save more than £16 million over the next three years.

Ros Jones.  Picture: Andrew Roe

Ros Jones. Picture: Andrew Roe

Vulnerable people are set to lose or see a reduction in special payments from the authority which they currently use to pay for care services and to help them get out and about.

In addition, a total of 76 council workers are also set to lose their jobs.

The move comes after the authority announced earlier this year plans to close seven council-run care homes and four day centres to save about £92m over the next three years.

Mayor Jones insisted her budget “protects front-line services.”

The council plans to save £2.5m from the adult social care budget by “rationalising” direct payments, which are used by vulnerable residents on things such as employing a helper, enrolling on education courses or paying for transport. The council pledged to invest almost £1.3m to build more specialist housing to help elderly residents live longer in their own homes.

Cuts to the transport budget could lead to the removal of paper timetables. The council is anticipating receiving £1.28m in additional business rates through major projects such as the Civic and Cultural Quarter development.

Council tax will go up annually by 1.95 per cent up to 2017. More than £4 could be saved through savings on pension deficit payments and low inflation rates.