VIDEO: Doncaster market traders back car parking price cuts

MARKET leaders have backed moves to cut the price of parking in Doncaster town centre.

Doncaster Council backed a 10p cut in the cost of off-street parking in the borough’s car parks in this week’s budget, which also held the price of on-street parking.

Doncaster Market Car Park

Doncaster Market Car Park

It means the price of parking in the market car park will fall from £1.20 an hour to £1.10 an hour, and from £1.70 to £1.60 for two hours.

Traders have been calling for cheaper parking for some time.

Nigel Wilkinson, president of the Doncaster Market Traders’ Federation, said he hoped the fall would encourage more shoppers back into the town.

He said: “Any decrease, anything that gets people to come in and shop, will be advantageous to us.

“I think it will help - at least it shows they appreciate what businesses in the town centre are up against, and it is better than an increase.

“The cost of parking is a major issue in getting people into down.

“We have to compete with out-of-town shopping centres.

“We have had a difficult period trading over the last two years, and anyone you speak to will say it has been a massively tough couple of years on the high street.

“People would sooner pay nothing, but this will help.”

But reaction among motorists in the borough who had come into town to shop yesterday was mixed.

Robert Rogers, aged 37, of Scawthorpe, said: “I think it will make a difference. It is a lot easier to come to town in the car than on the bus, and this will make me more likely to come in.”

Enid Callaghan, 62, of Moorends, said: “I think a 10p cut will make a difference, but they need to arrange for the machines to give change as well.”

But Ernest Roberts, 84, of Campsall, was less convinced.

He said: “I don’t think it will make any difference, it is only a small amount. I think it is as much a case of whether you can find a space.”

Elected mayor Peter Davies confirmed the cut in parking in the budget.

He said: “I have also insisted there will be a 10 pence cut in off-street car parking charges and no increase in on-street car parking charges as I continue to support measures that will have a positive impact for our economy by encouraging more people to visit our town centres.”