VIDEO: Bouncing Buggies class is a big hit

Becoming a parent should be the most magical moment of life.

Tuesday, 16th September 2014, 6:02 pm
Selina Peccolo, of Austerfield with her baby Valentina, of eight weeks take part in a bouncing buggies exercise calss at Lakeside. Picture: Andrew Roe

But the experience is also a tough transition for many new mums who find themselves feeling lonely, isolated and struggling to cope with the realities of their new role.

Mother-of-two Nichola Caughey knows only too well how tough motherhood can be and has set up a new business to give parents a helping hand.

Nichola is now busy nurturing her new venture - Baby Bunnies - alongside bringing up her two children two-year-old Bella and six-year-old Freya Billington.

Selina Peccolo, of Austerfield with her baby Valentina, of eight weeks take part in a bouncing buggies exercise calss at Lakeside. Picture: Andrew Roe

Baby Bunnies provides a range of classes from baby yoga to bouncing buggies excercise sessions to help parents bond with their babies, aid their child’s development, meet new friends and shift those stubborn baby pounds.

Nichola, of Reeves Way, Armthorpe, who is running the classes with the help of sister Jenna Caughey, said: “Being a mummy is the best job in the world, but it’s the hardest job in the world.

“It’s so rewarding but it’s a massive life change, your social circle changes and it can be very isolating.

“It makes such a difference to be able to meet up with other parents who are going through the same thing, have someone on hand to ask questions about things like breast feeding, sleep routines.

Instructor Jenna Caughey does lunges with mums as they take part in a bouncing buggies exercise calss at Lakeside. Picture: Andrew Roe

“As a working mum I have limited time to make my work and home life balance perfectly, so I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with other mums and babies through my expertise in baby yoga and massage.”

Nichola, 38, who has worked in childcare since the age of 16 and is a qualified nursery nurse, added: “Since starting the classes around four months the popularity has grown. It’s a really rewarding feeling to get such positive feedback from everyone who is enjoying coming along to the classes. We operate in Doncaster and Epworth but we are keen to offer classes further afield.”

Baby massage is proving to be one of the most popular classes that involves parents bringing along their little ones over a five week course.

The classes help with the bonding between parent and baby, and helps with skin problems, colic, digestive problems. It helps by relaxing the parent and baby which allows mums to catch up on that all important sleep. “No one else in Doncaster offers baby yoga so it’s something different and unique for Doncaster,” Nichola says.

“We have a professional photographer who comes along to classes to capture special moments for parents to buy as a keepsake. It’s 45 minutes where parents are giving their baby their full attention so it’s a really good bonding experience and also helps parents become more confident handling their baby. And whilst celebrities may make shifting the baby weight look easy, in reality, new mums rarely find the time or energy to dedicate to hitting the gym. But thanks to the bouncing buggies classes mums get the chance to get back in shape without the stress of arranging childcare. Nichola said: “I know when I was trying to get back to the gym after having children it was a nightmare because I’d leave the girls at their grandparents and I’d just be on the treadmill and I’d get a call to say one of them wasn’t settling so I’d have to go back. I remember thinking what’s the point, it’s just too hard.” But thanks to this innovative new class mums can work out with their little one’s in tow meaning organising or paying for childcare is not necessary. For more information contact Nichola on 07748 668 634, email [email protected] or visit