Vehicle crime goes up by one fifth in Rotherham

Crime:Latest news.
Crime:Latest news.

Detectives investigating a spate of car break-ins across Rotherham are urging motorists to avoid leaving valuables in their vehicles.

They say there was a 21 per cent increase in car break-ins across the town between November 21 and February 3.

Detective Inspector John Hobson, who leads the team investigating the offences, said: “The recent increase in reported thefts from cars is unfortunate as over the Christmas period we actually saw crime figures drop.

“We are working hard to prevent this becoming a significant issue for the district, but one of the biggest challenges we face is that lots of vehicles are being left insecure.

“Our officers are on regular patrols, identifying vulnerable vehicles and offering advice and guidance to owners where appropriate. Despite this continued effort, we are still seeing cars being broken into that have been left insecure or that have valuables lying in plain sight of opportunistic thieves.

“Vehicle crime can be an invasive and scary experience, as well as potentially costing money if repairs have to be made to vehicle doors or windows.

“We want to prevent members of our communities falling victim to this crime.”

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