Urgent review of parking in Epworth launched

Andrew Percy MP
Andrew Percy MP

An urgent review of parking enforcement in Epworth has been launched following traders’ claims that over zealous traffic wardens were driving visitors away.

Head of North Lincolnshire Council and Isle ward member, Coun Liz Redfern, has called for the methods used by wardens to be closely scrutinised.

Angry traders based around the centre of the Isle town say new, constant patrols by two “over-officious” wardens were taking a toll.

Coun Redfern said: “As leader of the Council, I have taken very seriously the comments traders have made to Andrew Percy. The last thing we want is for visitors to be discouraged from visiting Epworth.

“I have triggered an urgent review of parking enforcement and we will be looking very closely at the circumstances behind how and when parking tickets should be issued.”

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