Upper crust for Doncaster piemaker

Darren Kitching,  Scott Jopling and  Mathew Eaton
Darren Kitching, Scott Jopling and Mathew Eaton

The pie’s the limit for staff at a Doncaster area butcher’s shop which has joined the upper crust with its culinary creations.

Employees at Eatons Butchers in Bircotes are celebrating after two of their speciality pork pies scooped awards from the country’s pie experts.

The pies had already been given the thumbs-up by customers. Butcher Scott Jopling said: “It’s great news our pies have been recognised and honoured.

“We’ve already had great feedback from customers on what we do and it’s nice to receive recognition for the industry for what we do too.”

The shop scooped two awards from BPEX, an industry body aimed at raising the profile of pork butchers in the UK. The first pie to pick up an honour was the firm’s Mediterranean speciality pork pie – which has been proving a hit with shoppers for months.

Baker Rik Watson said: “There are roasted peppers in the centre and the meat is mixed with basil pesto. Then we top it with feta cheese, roasted red peppers and a sun dried tomato salsa.

“There is no real inspiration for where we get the pie ideas from, we just like coming up with new creations.”

After the pie scored success at a BPEX fair in Harrogate, the firm entered its mature speciality pork pie into another fair at Newark – and again, the delicacy scooped a gold award.

Rik said: “That one is pork with red onion and mature white cheddar.

“We do all different types of sausages as well as pies and customers are always coming up with new suggestions for pies they would like to see go on sale in the shop.”

Scott said would be entering further pie competitions following the success.