Up and Ad-’em!

An eight-year-old boy is leading locals in the campaign against plans to create a landfill site at his home in Finningley.

Little Adam Linford has written a heartfelt letter to Doncaster Council outlining his fears if plans for a dump on the former Greendale Aggregates site go ahead.

His letter reads: “To the council – Please do not let anybody build a dump on my street because it is really nice and I don’t want it to get really dirty and stinky from all the rubbish.

“I don’t want any fast lorries coming past because I like playing on my bike and my scooter so I won’t be allowed anymore.

“My friends and I think it would be really sad if all the wildlife was destroyed just so some rich people can make some more money.”

Adam’s protest are about plans by Jedidah Limited – owned by Doncaster businessman Nadeem Shah – to create a 6,276 sq metre dump.

Locals have raised concerns about possible health risks, smells and noise from the site and potential dangers caused by traffic travelling to and from the dump.

Adam’s mum Claire said: “Adam asked if he could add a letter to be taken in with ours.

We were very touched when we read what he’d put – it shows just how much he cares.

”Nobody seems to know what is going on with this. At first the application was just for the disposal of building waste and then domestic waste and market trader waste and other types were added to it.

“It’s the traffic that worries me – according to what the company has told us, there could be a lorry going through the village to the site every three minutes.”

Andy Morris, from Enviroarm, the agents for the application, confirmed the dump would cover most of the Greendale site. He said: “The site would be for inert materials only.”