TV Times - Losers = winning TV

ONCE the place for quality drama, then one of the main days of the week for soap, Monday nights have now been invaded by reality television.

Last week I told you about Channel 4’s brilliant fly on the wall maternity ward series One Born Every Minute.

In direct competition with that over on ITV is The Biggest Loser, which also provides somewhat compelling viewing.

In a nutshell, The Biggest Loser comprises of a load of seriously fat people being bullied into losing weight but dressed up as a sugary sweet emotional journey.

Because these people are actually making their lives better, it isn’t really bullying.

But the manner in which trainer Angie Dowds goes about her business suggests nobody has told her that.

Angie seems to be going for the title of biggest cow on tele and she’s out in front in that race at the minute – she doesn’t as much encourage the fatties as terrorise them.

To The Biggest Loser’s credit, it makes weight loss entertaining.

The weigh-in actually comes close to the tension created in the boardroom on The Apprentice.

But the morals of the show are a little questionable.

While those who lose the most weight a rewarded with a continued place on the show and a shot at £25,000, those who barely lose anything are kicked to the curb and left to drown in their own blubber.

The message really is, ‘sorry, you’ve clearly got a problem but you clearly won’t provide a heart warming story for our viewers by actually losing weight, so get lost.’

Following The Biggest Loser is E4’s offering to self-improvement Tool Academy.

There seems to be a trend in television right now where programme makers search out the least desirable idiots they can find who also happen to be completely deluded about their unpleasantness.

The Only Way Is Essex, Jersey Shore, the majority of things on BBC3 and now Tool Academy.

All you need to know about the men on the programme is that they were lured in because they thought it was a competition to find the UK’s biggest lad.

That gives you a great impression of the standard of human being Tool Academy has unearthed.

The real concept they soon discover is actually they have been nominated by their girlfriends who are desperate for them to change an aspect of their character that makes them a ‘tool.’

Really what is required to sort out their character is a lobotomy, wiping the slate clean and starting again.

You’ve got the angry one, the vain one, the boozy one, the stoner and the list goes on.

Like The Biggest Loser – a title this programme could easily have adopted – Tool Academy seems to quickly dump those they cannot really help.

Which means all the really unpleasant characters remain.

Both of these programmes admittedly sound horrendous, but trust me, they are well worth taking a look at if only to make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Unless you happen to be morbidly obese or the complete scum of the earth.