TV Times- Always a correct pick

THAT strong wind at your back is just the annual gust of outrage sweeping across Britain after EastEnders yet again beat Coronation Street to the title of “best soap”.

It’s the same story every single year – people cannot seem to understand why Coronation Street is always the bridesmaid at an EastEnders wedding.

I’m not sure whether these conversations happen down south but I’m sure you’ll have heard them.

The thing I can’t understand about all this is why anyone would think Coronation Street is better than EastEnders in the first place.

I concede that over the last 12 months there have been more outstanding moments in Wetherfield than Albert Square.

Jack Duckworth’s passing and the 50th anniversary celebrations which were encapsulated in the tram crash are certain to go down in soap history as iconic moments. But with a serial drama, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Characters are drawn much better on EastEnders and plots are far more well crafted.

Each episode of Coronation Street features a large amount of filler material that just stops the flow.

Yes, soaps are meant to have a basis in real-life community situations – but conversations about inane rubbish should be left to the real world.

So many scenes feature 30 seconds of this, adding nothing to character development or a storyline. In other words, these scenes are pointless.

This does make Coronation Street much lighter than EastEnders – a truth that cannot be denied. But that is not necessarily a good thing.

Undoubtedly, the baby-swap storyline was ill-advised and the mess that has been made at the rushed early clean-up operation has been poor.

But looking beyond the headline grabbing plot, EastEnders consistently proves to be so much more.

The Masoods have proved to be the best family addition to any soap in years.

Each storyline has been superbly written – with the exception perhaps of Tamwar’s attempts to become a stand up comedian.

The acting from the central pairing of Nitin Ganatra as Masood and Nina Wadia as Zainab is top notch.

The real crime when the soap awards are handed out is that these two are overlooked.

There are also very few pointless characters on EastEnders while Coronation Street is overflowing with them.

I’m always of the view that once a character looks stale for a few months, ship them out and get someone else in.

If you can argue a point for Kirk, Mary, Rita, Emily, Julie, even Ken and Deirdre, please get in touch.

Coronation Street’s biggest downfall is one character: John Stape.

If anyone actually likes this character or have enjoyed any plot he has been involved in, I plead with you to get in touch.

Thankfully, he’s on his way out, as the longest running storyline no audience member ever demanded, draws to a close.

Coronation Street should never win another award as long as Stape remains in people’s memories.

His presence really ought to have drawn as much outrage as the baby swap plot.

It has offended me far more than that ever could have.