Try Rock Choir singing to give you a lift in Doncaster

Rock Choir
Rock Choir

A chance to beat the January blues by singing rock classics loud and strong with a vibrant choir, is on offer for free.

Rock Choir, the UK’s largest contemporary choir, is giving Doncaster people an opportunity to boost their natural high by taking part in a free, feel-good singing session.

With no audition and no need to read music, Rock Choir has already attracted nearly 30,000 members across the country.

It has created a musical movement that offers a unique and glamorous alternative to the traditional choir format.

Rock Choir's uplifting ethos of fun, friendship and community spirit is a big part of its attraction and its teaching approach allows anyone who simply loves pop music to take part.

A recent experiment conducted by BBC’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ proved that Rock Choir members experienced a dramatic rise of 40 per cent in ndocannabinoids, the ‘happy’ chemicals released in our brain, after taking part in a Rock Choir session.

This result was compared to just 20 per cent up-lift after they had taken part in dancing and cycling activities.

Local Rock Choir Leader, Kate Threlfall said: “I see and hear from members every day who claim that Rock Choir is improving their lives or helping them in various ways to recover from personal issues and trauma.

“Rock Choir offers an exciting and life-affirming platform using music at its core and as a whole experience offers joy and friendship.

“I want to help transform the well-being of even more people by inviting everyone to step into Rock Choir and enjoy what is on offer; for everyone to feel good, well and happy.

“Targeting our mental health issues and finding healthy solutions is key and we can offer one solution and that is Rock Choir.”  

To book the free Get Happy Rock Choir taster session, visit and type in your postcode.

Alternatively you can call 01252 714276.