Trinity Academy students take on Hamlet prequel

Cast of Hamlet at Thorne's Trinity Academy.
Cast of Hamlet at Thorne's Trinity Academy.
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a NEW take on Shakespeare’s Hamlet before the state of Denmark was quite so rotten is being brought to life by Trinity Academy students.

The 15-strong cast are rehearsing for their most challenging production yet - a two-night run of Prince of Denmark.

The new play, written by Michael Lesslie, was first performed by the National Youth Theatre in October 2010 and tells the story of Hamlet, Laertes, Ophelia and others as adolescents.

Melanie Cutler, Trinity’s new head of drama, said: “This play is not a visual spectacular. There’s very little set, the cast are all in black so all the focus is on the characters and the dialogue.

“There is nowhere for the cast to hide; they have to know their lines, understand their characters and have confidence in their abilities. It’s all about the performers.”

Mrs Cutler said audience members familiar with Hamlet would be able to spot references relevant to the more famous play.

Jacob Smith, 17, from Hatfield, who plays Hamlet, said: “Mrs Cutler has brought a different work ethic to the cast designed to make our performance fresher. We have had far fewer rehearsals but that hasn’t sacrificed the quality at all.

“Even though it’s only a one act play and will last around 55 minutes, there’s a lot of dialogue and the language is challenging. There will be a degree of nervousness that will sharpen our performance.

“I’ve studied Hamlet at school and it’s my favourite Shakespeare play, but there is a different dynamic between the characters in this play because they’re younger.”

Other cast members include Cameron Sharp as Laertes, Amber Pyatt as Osric, Ben Green as Reynaldo, Megan Thomas as Ophelia, Sam Wilkinson Megraw as Horatio, Matthew Elwood as Rosencrantz, Dale Smith as Guildenstern, Rebecca Scorer as Player and Stephanie Coetzee as Marcellus.

The play will be performed at Trinity Academy, in Church Balk, Thorne, on November 7 and 8 with curtain up at 7pm.

Tickets are available from academy reception and cost £3 or £2 for concessions.