Volunteers to help curb traffic speed

A CALL has gone out to Misterton residents to help curb the increasing number of speeding motorists through the village.

As revealed in the Bells/Advertiser in July the parish council in conjunction with Nottinghamshire Police are on the look out for volunteers to help set up and run a Community Speed Watch and enforce a 30mph limit.

Volunteers will have the use of a speed gun every four weeks, working in pairs to record registration numbers of vehicles which break the law.

Parish council chairman Barry Cooper who has put himself forward for the scheme said: “There is a lot of concern about speeding on Gringley Road, in some cases they are coming down here at particularly high speeds, despite it being a 30mph.

“To get started we need a couple more volunteers to help bring the speeds down. We will go out with a speed camera and anyone over a certain limit will have their registrations taken and the police will be informed.

“A letter of warning is then sent to the owners and if they repeatedly offend they will be prosecuted.”

Volunteers will only be needed for around an hour a month and the positions are open to anyone aged over 18-years-old who will receive police training.

Coun Cooper added: “Beckingham have it and it’s been a huge success. “We have a lot of traffic travelling through this village, particularly 35 tonne artic lorries and tractors with heavy trailers on the back. It’s a great concern. Luckily we haven’t had a fatality but we have had one very serious accident down here.”

If the scheme works the parish council may consider buying an interactive speed sign for “peace of mind and safety’s sake”. Coun Cooper added: “It would be worth the investment.”

To volunteer for the scheme contact PCSO Dave Airey at the Misterton Centre on 01427 891659.