Over 50 North Lincs drivers found ‘over the limit’ in June and July

Traffic  (D2359CB)
Traffic (D2359CB)

Over 130 drivers were found to have been drinking before they hit the road, in a Humberside police summer drink drive campaign.

Officers were out in force during June and July 2014 testing for drink driving as part of an annual campaign.

Across the force 2155 breath tests were carried out (631 followed road traffic collisions) and 132 proved positive (43 followed a road traffic collision).

Motorists are urged again not to risk their lives or those of others by drink driving.

PC Barry Gardner, who led the force campaign said: “Disappointing to see that 132 drivers disregarded the warning message that was widely publicised this summer and consequently these people will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of one year, will have to face higher insurance premiums once their disqualification ends, and in the meantime will have the stigma of being branded a ‘drink driver’ in the courts and media.”

He continued: “It is, however, encouraging to see that the percentage of drivers over the prescribed limit, especially in North Lincolnshire, has reduced from close to 10 per cent in recent years to 4.2 per cent this year.

“We will continue to enforce this vital road safety offence 24/7 365 days of the year and follow any information we receive with positive action.”

The figures for the Southbank area that covers North and North East Lincolnshire were as follows:

Total number of breath tests - 1206 (306 as a result of a road traffic collision)

Total number of positive breath tests - 53 (15 as a result of a road traffic collision)