Nine pedestrians and two cyclists killed in South Yorkshire road accidents last year

Friends at the spot where Jasmyn Chan was killed
Friends at the spot where Jasmyn Chan was killed

Nine pedestrians and two cyclists were killed on South Yorkshire’s roads last year – with almost 900 injured by cars.

Figures from South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership show the number of pedestrians killed by vehicles went up from four in 2012 to nine last year.

Nearly 600 pedestrians were injured last year, 136 of them seriously. The number of serious injuries was slightly down on 2012, when 144 people were affected.

A total of 290 cyclists were injured on the roads – more than 50 of them seriously.

Details were revealed at a meeting of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee where the Safer Roads Partnership’s annual report was presented.

Sue Winger, step-grandmother of Jasmyn Chan, the 14-year-old killed in a hit-and-run crash on Normanton Hill, said she was shocked by the figures.

Jasmyn was killed on May 9 as she pushed her friend out of the way of an oncoming car, with the vehicle driving off after hitting her.

Police have caught almost 500 people speeding at the same spot since July.

Sue said: “I’m just absolutely shocked at the figures of the cars still caught speeding at Normanton Hill since Jasmyn’s death. They are just mindless idiots.

“The standard of driving in the UK as a whole is absolutely shocking. It is appalling the amount of people you see on their phones while driving.”

She said she was concerned by the numbers of pedestrian and cyclist deaths.

“I’m surprised at the actual figures. You know driving and the number of accidents is bad but you don’t realise how bad it is.”

The Safer Roads Partnership said ‘good progress’ is being made.

There were 4,212 injuries from road collisions in South Yorkshire in 2013 – 5.3 per cent lower than 2012.

A total of 32 people died, three more than in 2012.

Road accidents resulted in 449 serious injuries in 2013, one less than the previous year. More than 3,700 people were slightly injured.