Fans injured after crash by Barnsley rider in the TT

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NEWS: News.

Spectators had to be taken to hospital after a Barnsley biker crashed into the crowd at a famous racing event.

Jonathan Howarth, known as Jono, was competing in the Senior TT race on the Isle of Man yesterday afternoon when the collision occurred.

The rider crashed on a fast downhill section less than a mile from the start, and 11 fans were taken to hospital.

Race organisers said none of the injuries are life-threatening, but one person was injured seriously.

A petrol tank and wheel are said to have flown off Howarth’s bike in the direction of TT fans at Bray Hill.

Manx Radio reporter David Harrison, who was watching at the time of the crash, said: “The rider’s bike disintegrated.”

Howarth escaped the crash unharmed.