Doncaster hit and run victim ‘fighting’ to recover

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A teenage girl recovering from serious head injuries, sustained in a hit and run collision in Armthorpe, is ‘fighting’ to get better.

While Danielle Stoton, of Harris Road, still can not speak, stand up or dress herself, mum Michelle says her teenage daughter is doing ‘everything she can’ to speed up her recovery.

The 18-year-old was seriously injured in a collision nine weeks ago in Hatfield Lane as she walked home from a party. Despite medics predicting it would take between two and five years for the former Danum school pupil to demonstrate how much she is likely to recover, Danielle is now feeding herself, drinking and even playing games.

“The neurologists have been completely astounded by her,” said Michelle. The 41-year-old added: “They’ve been saying ‘she shouldn’t be able to do that yet’ but she keeps on moving forwards.”

Michelle and husband Paul are now waiting upon physiotherapists and doctors at Doncaster Royal Infirmary and Sheffield’s Hallamshire Hospital to assess a recent MRI scan, and confirm whether Danielle will be able to move forwards in her recovery with a neurological physhiotherapy treatment plan. Michelle admits to finding the situation very ‘frustrating’ and says she goes from feeling elated when Danielle takes a step forward such as moving her hip to help her family dress her, to feeling angry and upset when she gets home and remembers how much the teen used to be able to do for herself. The mum-of-two says that she has noticed Danielle frowning when she struggles to do something, and worries that she is also becoming frustrated. But adds that one source of comfort is Danielle’s improving communication skills. Michelle says she now moves her finger from side to side to show she is unhappy with something, makes an ‘ok’ sign or puts her thumbs up to indicate she is happy and is demonstrating more of her emotions.

“Last week I told her how something bad had happened to her. I explained that it was like how she had died before and come back to life, and that she had done it again,” said Michelle. I told her not to worry and that she was going to get better and her eyes filled with tears. I think she understands what’s happened now.”

Two women, aged 23 and 26-years-old, were arrested in August suspicion of a number of offences including causing serious injury by dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and have been bailed pending further enquiries.