Tragedy of the jilted killer dad

TORMENTED husband Gary Grinhaff murdered his cheating wife, after finding out she had rekindled an affair with her lover.

He then drilled himself to death with a power tool... in an horrific suicide bid that took at least THREE attempts to complete, an inquest was told this week.

First he tried to poison himself by pumping exhaust fumes into his car, in a wood.

When that failed, he tried to crush himself by dropping the vehicle on top of him.

Finally the desperate dad, a 44-year-old electrical engineer, drilled holes in himself, with a cordless drill that was found near his body.

He was found with deep cuts on his arm and leg.

A post-mortem revealed he had died from haemorrhage and shock caused by huge wounds.

His body was found by his car, in woods about a mile and a half from the family home at Aldham Crescent, Wombwell.

A note left inside the car said: "This cannot go on, this is my only way out".

The inquest heard how Grinhaff had used a blunt instrument to bludgeon to death his wife Tracey, 42, at their home, whilst their children slept.

He is believed to have attacked her in their bedroom and then carried her bloodied, pyjama-clad body downstairs to the garage.

He attempted to cover up bloodstains in the master bedroom, with towels so his two daughters did not see them.

Then he drove to the woods and killed himself.

On the surface, neighbours regarded the Grinhaffs as the "perfect little family" – the couple had been married for 18 years, the Sheffield inquest heard.

However the court was told that Tracey had started an affair with a "close family friend" – not identified in court – early in 2008.

Det Sgt Paul Dickinson, who led the investigation, explained that Gary grew suspicious of Tracey's actions over the next few months and he confronted his wife and the other couple in April.

He said: "There was a four-way discussion – with agreement by the male party and Tracey that they would stop seeing each other.

"Mr Grinhaff organised to stop working such long hours and take time off to spend with his family."

But DS Dickinson added that Gary started to secretly monitor his wife.

He tapped the home telephone and also bugged her Nissan X-Trail car to eavesdrop on conversations.

The desperate dad even went as far as to fit a tracking device to his wife's 4x4 vehicle, the inquest was told.

DS Dickinson also said Gary had secretly bought a Ford Escort car, which he parked out of sight on a nearby estate, and used it to follow his wife.

He concealed his identity while tracking her in the vehicle by wearing "a variety of disguises," the court was told.

Finally, after finishing work at about 2pm on May 1, last year, Grinhaff returned home and spent the evening with his family.

He asked his eldest daughter, aged 14, – who had recently been sleeping in her parents' bed with her mother – to move back into her own room so he could spent the night with his wife.

The next morning, the couple's youngest daughter, three, woke her teenage sister – crying that her parents were not in their room.

DS Dickinson said that the elder sister then went to get the three-year-old a glass of milk.

"In the kitchen, she saw a note on the extractor fan in her father's handwriting.

"It said 'something bad has happened', and instructed them to go and see the neighbours."

Police were called and searched the house... where they found bloodstains beneath towels in the bedroom.

There was also blood on the stair bannister and in the conservatory.

Officers entered the garage and discovered Tracey's body on the floor, partially covered by a duvet.

A post mortem examination revealed her skull had been fractured and that head injuries were the cause of her death.

Less than an hour later, police were called to the nearby woods, after a passer-by saw Gary's body laid beside his Ford Escort car.

Mr Coutts-Wood praised friends and relatives of the couple for their "dignity" in dealing with the situation.

He said he hoped the daughters, now living with a family friend, would "be able to move on from their sad loss."

South Yorkshire's Assistant Deputy Coroner Donald Coutts-Wood recorded a verdict that housewife Tracey was unlawfully killed and that Gary took his own life.