Traffic chaos rages on for second day in Doncaster village as residents queue for tip

A high number of residents are queuing to use the Armthorpe recycling centre.
A high number of residents are queuing to use the Armthorpe recycling centre.

Motorists travelling through a Doncaster village are experiencing significant delays for the second day running, as residents queue to dispose of their Christmas rubbish at one of the town's recycling facilities.

The roads around the Armthorpe recycling centre are once again grid-locked, due to a high volume of residents queuing to use the site.

This is also affecting bus services travelling in and out of the area.

A First buses spokesman said: "Bus Services to/from Armthorpe (81/82) are suffering serious disruption again due to queuing traffic for the Dumpit site on Armthorpe Road.

"Apologies to our customers but this is beyond our control. Doncaster Council have been informed and they assure me it has been passed on."

Following the severe delays caused by queuing yesterday, Doncaster residents have taken to social media to share their views.


- Traffic chaos in Doncaster village as high volume of residents queue to use tip

Lesley Dimmock commented: "Theres (sic) a suprise (sic), no bins being emptied n advise residents to do the job themselves then wonder why theres (sic) gridlock round the tips, hmmmmm doesnt (sic) take a genius to work out that would happen!!!

Rachel Towle added: "I sat in this traffic today to get to the tip because the ones at carcroft and balby were both shut telling us the nearest one is armthorpe (sic). How ridiculous is it to have no bin collections this week and nearly all the tips closed - good old Doncaster council!!!"

Stephen Lycett said: £Hope the bin men are enjoying their Christmas holidays myself. Plan better yourselves next time. And stop generating so much waste!!"