Sheffield road remains closed due to burst water pipe

A busy Sheffield road is closed for a third day, after a main water pipe burst beneath the road surface.

By Sarah Marshall
Saturday, 15 June, 2019, 15:06
A burst water main which has caused surface damage and road closures around Olive Grove Road and Charlotte Road

A burst water main caused severe flooding on Olive Grove Road and Charlotte Road, Heeley on Thursday evening.

The road is closed to traffic between Queen’s Road and Heeley Bank Road until repairs to the water pipe and the road surface are complete.

These buses are unable to serve the bus stops on Charlotte Road, Heeley Bank Road and East Road.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said yesterday: “A burst water main on Charlotte Road occurred at around 7pm on Thursday which caused significant surface water flooding and damage to the road.

“Our technicians managed to shut off the pipe to bring down the flooding and restore all water supplies to affected properties on Thursday night.