Controversial Sheffield bus cuts come into force today

city centre buses
city centre buses

Controversial changes to bus services across Sheffield come into force today - with passengers fearing disruption.

Proposals to remove, replace, reduce and re-number buses across Sheffield were agreed in September despite last-ditch protests.

Some of the changes were revised after thousands of people took part in public consultation and they will be introduced from Sunday, November 1.

Passenger Lorraine Ricketts, who wrote to The Star, said: “Service 79 now gets me from A to B - from November 1 it will not.

“I will then have to walk half a mile to a bus stop that will take me from Ecclesfield to Hillsborough, with the reverse journey likewise. Thank you for the debacle that will become my journey.

“I would wager that whoever has devised these ‘new’ services definitely does not have to rely on public transport ever.”

The service which received the most comments during consultation was the number 70 from Dore, which is to be rerouted away from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, university and schools although concessions mean peak period services will be put on.

Geraldine O’Connor, of Greystones, said she had already waited over half an hour for a 70 to go to the university but it did not arrive and there was a lack of accurate information at the stop.

She said more people would be forced to use their cars, adding: “This is short term thinking and they haven’t considered the repercussions.”

Graves Park Coun Ian Auckland said there was further confusion in the area as buses were to be diverted through Norton because of road resurfacing.

He added: “People will be turning up at stops wondering where the buses are.

“The line from the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is that notices are on the stops and there are leaflets on every bus.

“But I was getting off the bus with my neighbour near the end of the day - he asked for a leaflet and the driver said they all disappeared in the first hour so he didn’t have enough.”

Sheffield Bus Partnership claims changes will improve the city-wide bus network.

New discounted tickets will be available to use across services run by different operators, with prices frozen until April 2017.

These include a CityBus day ticket for £4 and a monthly ticket at £49.

Bosses from bus operators First, Stagecoach and TM Travel, as well as Sheffield Council chief Coun Terry Fox, have all praised the new fares as making it easier for passengers to get on the first bus that arrives.

Coun Fox said: “With lower priced multi-operator fares and improved access to the city centre, employment and training sites, it is an altogether better bus deal for Sheffield.”

David Young, interim director general at South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, said: “Sheffield Bus Partnership is urging bus users to check for changes to their service and information about reduced priced tickets ahead of the new network being put in place on November 1.

“We are using as many channels as possible to make sure our passengers can plan their journey come Monday and enjoy all the benefits of a joined up Sheffield bus network.

“Full service changes, bus timetables and route maps can be found online at

“Information is available at every bus stop.

“Tailored leaflets for each area have been sent to nearly 250,000 Sheffield households and 25,000 network maps distributed on buses, in Interchanges and at libraries.

“Posters have been put up across the city and on buses, email newsletters sent to over 40,000 people, and details publicised on local radio, in newspapers and on social media.”

Details of bus changes are available online CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS