Tracey tweets and blogs for African kids

Tracey Cheetham.
Tracey Cheetham.
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A MUM has blogged from Mozambique, to highlight local kids’ desperate need for vaccinations.

Cancer survivor and councillor Tracey Cheetham, from Royston, joined a “mummy’s blog” run by Save the Children, after journeying to see and experience the plight of African mums.

Her constant tweets pressed the need for world leaders to fill a funding gap of £2.3bn over the next five years – before a vaccinations summit takes place this month.

The sum will ensure vaccination drives roll on for common childhood killers such as pneumonia and diarrhoea.

In her blog, Tracey said: “I didn’t consider just how remote an area is, when there is no public transport and one is carrying a sick child. Yet this is what mothers are faced with”.

She saw how vials are stored at set temperatures and carried in insulated boxes by motorbike to remote villages.

And she witnessed “clinics” set up under trees, where women waited for hours to have their babies treated.

She said: “I stood among women, who all love their children just as much as I love mine, and understood why they would travel and wait for hours and hours to give their kids the best chances of survival”.

Tracey is urging everyone to sign a petition to put pressure on world governments.

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