Town is being targeted for cuts - MP

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NEWS: News.

A DONCASTER MP has revealed new figures that show the borough is a target for Government cuts.

Doncaster Central MP Rosie Winterton says Doncaster will lose out on funding equivalent to £159.13 per resident over the four years up to the end of 2013-14.

The MP also believes northern towns like Doncaster are being targeted rather than councils in the south of England.

Rosie said: “This new information shows that the Government has actually targeted cuts at the most deprived communities.

“David Cameron’s local authority in Oxfordshire loses only £34.33 per head compared to £159.13 here in Doncaster.”

The Tory-led Government announced plans to make millions of pounds of cuts within a few months of coming into power in 2010.

Rosie added: “These figures also confirm what most people already suspected – areas like Doncaster are being hit hardest by national cuts, meaning many of the services people value in our borough will have to change, reduce or in some cases stop altogether.

“Sadly, it is the families that can least afford it – those working on very low incomes in our most deprived communities – that are suffering most as a result.”

Rosie’s figure for Doncaster has been worked out by analysing the Government funding that Doncaster Council is due to receive during the Government’s first four years in office.

It comes after Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies announced that 500 local authority jobs were at risk as Doncaster Council faces up to making savings of £26 million in the next year.

Earlier this month, it was announced that the council will have to make a raft of cuts to services in order to meet Government imposed spending cuts - although council tax will be frozen.