Today’s columnist: Kate Mason: Dress to impress at your peril

Kate Mason
Kate Mason

Killer heels, can’t breathe corsets and brutal bras - it’s fair to say keeping up with the latest trends should come with a health warning.

I’m sure we’ve all cursed our latest must have sky scraper heels after a night on the tiles whilst reaching for the blister plasters.

After removing an ill fitting bra I’ve also been known to moan about the unsightly strap marks left behind that look like you’ve been subjected to some kind of cruel torture treatment.

And then there’s the shallow breathing us fashion lovers have to master whenever we try and pour our ample curves into an overly figure-hugging number.

It’s fair to say I’ve spent many hours moaning about the lengths us ladies have to go to to look the part.

But in all my years of trying out the trends, with varying degrees of success, I can thankfully report it has never resulted in a hospital trip.

So imagine my surprise when I read about an unfortunate woman in Australia who spent FOUR days in hospital after sustaining nerve damaged caused by her skinny jeans.

Health experts have now issued a warning after the 35-year-old woman was found on the ground after collapsing when her feet and ankles became numb.

Before you take your skinny jeans to the charity shop it is worth mentioning in the hours before she fell, she had been squatting down regularly whilst wearing her form fitting denim numbers to help a friend move house.

Her calves were so swollen that the trousers had to be cut off and she had lost feeling in her lower legs and feet, can you even imagine, the poor woman must have been mortified!

The worst fashion faux pas I’ve had is trapping a nerve in a rather embarrassing incident in which I tried on a top that was clearly too small.

Getting the itsy bitsy item on was fine but when it came to removing the garment it was another story.

After what felt like an eternity in the shop dressing room it was either completely rip the item in an incredible hulk style motion or try and contort myself in such a way that I could slip the item from my swelling shoulders.

After choosing the latter - much more dignified option (or so I though) I was cursing my choice when I spent the next few days with a trapped nerve in my neck.

So fashion - friend or foe? All I can say is dress to impress at your own peril.