Tie down your tables and chairs, police warn, as thefts from Doncaster gardens rocket

Thefts from gardens are on the rise
Thefts from gardens are on the rise

If you want to hang on to your garden furniture during our current hot spell, or for future ones, then bolt it down.....

Doncaster police have issued a warning that summer thieves are about and are highly active, targeting gardens with furniture.

Items such as chairs, tables, shades, and other forms of patio and garden furniture have been taken around the borough during the past few weeks..

A spokesman for Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Policing Team said that the increase in theft of garden furniture has been noticeable in recent months.

He advised that whenever possible, householders should take their garden furniture inside or chain it up, to make it more difficult for items to be stolen.

People have been leaving garden furniture out during the recent hot spell, after enjoying al fresco dining and drinking, or just relaxing in the sunshine.