Thrifty people in Doncaster more likely than ever to strip cupboards bare when they move house

Housing development
Housing development

Frugal Doncaster residents are more likely than ever to remove basic fixtures when they move house, according to new research.

According to a report from Saga Legal Solutions, because of the rising cost of buying a house light bulbs, toilet seats and even the proverbial kitchen sink are all common items people across the borough could find removed from their new home, due to previous owners taking basic fixtures with them when they leave.

The report found that the top five unusual items removed from homes in Doncaster are:

1. Light bulbs (31 per cent)

2. Plants from the garden (14 per cent)

3. Carpet (10 per cent)

4. Toilet seat (8 per cent)

5. Door handles (5 per cent)

The research also revealed that a quarter of people would avoid moving home based on the additional administrative costs such as estate agent and conveyancing fees.

Other reasons people in Doncaster give for not moving house include:

1. I love the area and can’t afford a bigger mortgage (28 per cent)

2. Worried about additional costs involved such as stamp duty, solicitor fees (27 per cent)

3. I’ve already put too much effort into making the house/garden just the way I like it (18 per cent)

4. My house is full of memories and it would take too much time and effort (17 per cent)

5. I’ve always lived in the local area (14 per cent)