Thought for the Week - Rev Jeremy Green

Rev. Jeremy Green. Picture: Holly Allen.
Rev. Jeremy Green. Picture: Holly Allen.

It is the day when Christians remember how the Wise Men (or Kings as they are also called) came to visit the baby Jesus, guided by a special star.

They brought with them gifts - gold, frankincense and myrrh. Those gifts can give us a clue as to what you and I might offer to God at the start of 2012.

Gold was a gift fit for a King. Do we always give our best to God, or do we tend to give him only what’s left over after we have done all we want to do?

If God really is Lord of our lives, if he really matters to us, then he must have our very best and we should try our hardest to please him.

Frankincense was used in worship. It reminds us of how we should worship God from the bottom of our hearts because he’s done so much for us and we should want to show our love for him.

And myrrh is bitter, it was used for preparing bodies for burial, and so it was a strange present for a baby.

Have we any not-very-nice presents for Jesus Christ? Maybe there are quite a few bitter feelings, bitter experiences as well as things we find it hard to cope with?

If so, it would surely be good to start this New Year by offering those difficult and painful things to the Lord and ask him to heal those feelings and to change them into something useful and more positive.