Thought for the week

There was a bewildering choice although there were very few that we actually felt we could live with. Choice is now held up as a right although it is true that the richest have the greatest choice.

In any large supermarket there are vast numbers of similar products where formerly there were just a few. It does not seem long ago that electricity came from the ‘Electricity Board’, now there are many companies trying to win our custom for what is an identical product.

Do we have too much choice? Occasionally I feel like the person who was accused of indecision and replied “well yes and no”.

Some have more choices than others but there are many things we cannot choose; where and when we were born, who were our parents and to whom we are attracted.

Sometimes though choices are unavoidable and we have to choose between right and wrong.

While what is right is not always obvious we do have the choice of how we should live our lives and we should try to do this with a good conscience.