Things that go bump in the Star pub cellar....

GHOST busters got more than they bargained for on a night-time assignment in Rawmarsh.

All was well at the Star Inn until a night-time investigation party, organised by Hauntastic Events, ventured down to the cellar.

Once there, advanced recording equipment failed, batteries drained, and candles were the only light form that would function.

Members of the 10-strong group were struck by bad headaches, said landlady Claire Thompson, and landlord Chris Thompson suffered sudden severe ear pain. One girl in the party watched her hand swell up with no possible explanation, added Claire, then later returned to its normal size when back upstairs.

She said: “It was very peculiar. We were all spooked and sharing paracetomol by the end of the night. We have had odd things happen here from time to time, and the tap room and an unused back flat seem to be the worst cold spots, but the cellar was very strange.

“There were orbs that were caught on camera too. The Hauntastic crew checked us all out at the beginning then paired everyone up, and it was a really interesting night. I can’t explain what was going one point there was an animal-whine type sound in the cellar too.

“Hauntastic are to analyse their findings and get back to us, so we’ll see what they come up with”.