They think it's an all-time classic sports quote ... it is now!

Memorable commentator Kenneth Wolsthenholme
Memorable commentator Kenneth Wolsthenholme

Half a century ago yesterday one man summed up a nation's world cup winning fever and fervour with an immortal phrase that still resonates today.

BBC TV final commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme's off-the-cuff comments (captured here) at big match climax have become stuff of legends after being stuff of Jules Rimet dreams.

The commentary at culmination of historic 4-2 extra time victory over West Germany, unfolded as below:

"And here comes Hurst! He's got..." (Wolstenholme becomes distracted by crowds spilling onto the pitch) "Some people are on the pitch! They think it's all over!" (Geoff Hurst scores to put England two goals ahead) "It is now, it's four!"

Soon after the '66 victory, Wolstenholme's quote became a widely used expression, whose coinage increased with Beeb's satirical sports quiz show "They Think It's All Over" from 1995 to ten years ago.

Oft plagiarised, those few words that expressed so much emotion for so many have become a pop culture staple, referenced and sampled aplenty.

Mitchell and Webb's lampoon

Mitchell and Webb's lampoon

Here's our top ten examples of black and white television commentary, 50 years on we still view through rose-tinted spectacles.

New Order's 1990 England World Cup song World In Motion sample.

The Beatles Glass Onion Anthology 3 alternative mix includes commentary fade.

Indie band The Dentists first album title "Some People Are On the Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now".

Folk metal Skyclad's EP Jig-a-Jig's "They Think It's All Over" match-referencing track.

Puff Daddy and the Family/The Police I'll Be Missing You parody features "Boys of '66, hey take a bow, They think it's all over, it is now!"

Dog Soldiers film character Private Cooper's final words are "You think it's all over? It is now."

Discworld book Unseen Academicals' two false endings are both followed by "You think it's all over?" and, at actual end, "It is now!"

Video game Kinect Sports twice references "They think it's all over" and "It is now" quotes.

Xbox Live Arcade Sensible World of Soccer also references "It Is now" for a late victory goal.

That Mitchell and Webb Look cricket sketch lampoons "They're bringing urns and sandwiches onto the pitch. They think it's tea! It is now!"