the voice hits all the right notes

When it comes to musical TV talent shows the concept has been done to death.

But I’ve got to say in the battle of the lets make a music star stakes, BBC’s The Voice is top of the pops as far as I’m concerned.

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

X-Factor may be winning the ratings war but I think The Voice has the edge.

And after Jermain was crowned the winner at the weekend it made me love the show even more.

I really should have had a bet on this as the first time he auditioned on the show I predicted he would win - rookie mistake.

While I think Christina Marie - Kaiser Chief’s Ricky Wilson contestant - will probably have the most successful career on the back of the show, I was secretly pleased Jermain pipped her to the post.

Unlike the fame hungry morons that dominate the X-Factor, Jermain actually stood for something.

Not only was he an amazing singer but he claimed he wanted to become the first singing black prime minister.

The teen who shared his love of music with a desire to bring about change by being active in politics, won over viewers with his refreshing attitude.

It was quite apt that Jermain was paired by my favourite judge, who also uses his profile to do good.

As well as being comedy gold, is all about charity work and helping to improve the neighbourhood he grew up in by ploughing money into education, technology and giving people a fresh start.

And with Kylie Minogue and Ricky Wilson joining and legend Sir Tom Jones on the new look panel, suddenly Simon Cowell and his cronies are looking like the poor relations.

The comedy acts on the X-Factor may have been funny for the first few years but I’m getting sick and tired of seeing talentless idiots taking up valuable air time.

There’s no token Wagner or Chico’s when it comes to The Voice, just talented singers who deserve their big break.

The BBC rival simply focuses on the cream of the crop when it comes to singing.

The concept itself is genius with the judges picking contestants purely based on singing alone thanks to the amazing spinning chairs.

Although The Voice has yet to produce a star with cancelled tours and album flops, following the last few series I think this year could be a turning point.

Thanks to the new judging panel and new presenters I think The Voice could well be a rival for the X-Factor.

In the words of I think The Voice is super, mega, fresh, dope.