The tortured lives of the rich and famous

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

Relaxing in your multi-million pound home, admiring your Oscar statue whilst sipping on a glass of champagne may sound like the life of luxury to us mere mortals but celebrities are secretly suffering inside.

Or that’s what Gwyneth Paltrow would have us believe judging by her latest woe is me comments that have been doing the rounds.

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

Kate Mason, My Style column. Picture: Marie Caley D5417MC

It seems not only has Gwyneth parted ways with Coldplay husband Chris Martin but she’s also “consciously uncoupled” herself from reality.

First she was spouting off about how life as a parent was much harder for an actresses than mums who hold down office jobs.

I’m sure having a bottomless pit of money to lavish your children with the top child care, education and affluent lives is heartbreaking.

In fact these single mums who hold down several jobs just to put a roof over their children’s heads don’t even know they’re born.

As if that wasn’t enough she has now compared online hackling of celebrities to being in a war.

Seriously, get a grip. I’m sure on reflection she did not mean to compare her plight to serving soldiers but someone who is known for selecting her words so carefully should think before she opens her mouth.

But it’s not just Gwyneth. Fellow Oscar alumni Charlize Theron has also been whining about the pitfalls of fame, going so far as to liken press coverage to ‘feeling raped’.

These ignorant and short sighted comments are as offensive as they are down right ridiculous.

Everyone knows I’m a fan of juicy celebrity gossip but even I have to admit some of these so called stars have clearly lost touch with reality.

Living in their pampered and preened worlds where money is no barrier and hired help is just a click of the Manolo Blahnik heels away they still feel the need to complain.

I can see that having photographers following your every move and stories about your life splashed all over the tabloids could become upsetting.

But seriously, balanced against the fame, fortune and lifestyle these people get in return, it’s a small burden to bear.

I’m sure if they wanted to shun the celebrity lifestyle they could quite easily fade into obscurity by removing themselves from social media, failing to RSVP to every red carpet event in town and such like but they choose not too.

People like this live for the limelight yet get upset when they have to take the rough with the smooth. Welcome to the real world.