The sky is no limit for fundraising pals

Elly Allport, of Belton. Picture: Andrew Roe
Elly Allport, of Belton. Picture: Andrew Roe

CHARITY skydivers who have raised £4,000 for young cancer victim from Epworth are planning yet more hair raising events.

The fantastic sum was raised by fearless Elly Allport and her intrepid bunch of fundraising friends who were sponsored to leap 15,000 ft from a plane at Hibaldstow Airport.

The event was to raise money for seven year-old Alex Strong, who suffers from a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

All the money collected in will go to help pay for a £90,000 treatment only available abroad.

Elly, 19, of Belshaw Lane, Belton, told the Bells: “The sky dive went brilliantly. I don’t think there was any one of us who didn’t have a great time.

“I wanted to do something more extreme so we could raise more money for Alex.

“It was a tandem dive and so you don’t have to do a lot of training.

“You watch a video for 20 minutes and once you have worked out what to do you are up in the air.

“The free-falling is all over before you can blink your eyes. You jump and before you know it, the parachute is up.

“The morning was really cloudy and we though it might have to be cancelled but by the time we were due to go the conditions were perfect for all eight of us.”

She was joined in the leap by her friends Bryn Dorritt, Ben Jackson, Robert Grossmith, Tasha Owles, Jaime Lea Hunter, Andrew Grierson and Karen Wilkinson.

Alexander has been living with neuroblastoma since the age of four and last year had a tumour the size of a grapefruit removed by surgeons. Now he has been forced to have a second course of aggressive treatment after another large tumour under his arm spread across his chest and into his shoulder and neck.

Doctors say if that does not work, they are ready to conduct a worldwide search to find treatments that could save him.

Elly, who helps organise the Epworth Show, has taken part in events which have raised more than £10,000 for her young friend.

Her current favourite idea to raise more money for Alex is a sponsored head-shaving.