The musicians of Bremen, Barnsley Civic, Sunday and Monday

The Musicians of Bremen, Barnsley Civic
The Musicians of Bremen, Barnsley Civic

Children’s story shows it’s never too late to change.

French theatre company Compagnie Animotion combine theatre with circus skills such as trapeze artistry and tumbling in this show aimed at a family audience.

Four performers take part in the show, based on a Brothers Grimm story, The Bremen Town Musicians.

This visually stunning adaptation tells the tale of four animals put out to pasture – a donkey, a cat, a cockerel and a dog – when they are too old to be of any use to their masters and what they decide to do next.

This musical adventure explores the extraordinary friendships between the animals and shows that we can be friends despite our differences, and that we are never too old to live our dreams. It’s suitable for children aged three to seven.

Compagnie Animotion say: “A little-known tale, Musicians of Bremen will touch on the subjects of old age and attitude in our society, will address issues of prejudice and discrimination and will celebrate the wisdom of our older generation. A perfect experience for grandparents to bring little ones to!”

The company brings together artists from the UK, France and Belgium. Barnsley Civic