The lighter side of life with Kate Mason: Scandal of girl refused entry to end of term disco

Kate Mason
Kate Mason

When it comes to VIP parties and swanky nightclub openings it’s safe to assume if your name’s not down you’re not coming in.

I’ve witnessed first hand suited and booted individuals doing the walk of shame after being refused entry to some posh party.

Mildly amusing as it may be, it’s not quite as fun when the stiletto’s on the other foot as I found out.

I’ve been caught out myself and believe me it’s not much fun to walk away clutch bag in hand after being publicly denied entry.

Let’s face it, it’s happened to the best of us. Just ask Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton who was forced to retreat from Wimbledon after his floral shirt failed to meet the dress code and resulted in him missing the men’s final.

At best the experience is character building, at worst excruciatingly embarrassing, but it’s all part of growing up, like some kind of right of passage.

But at the age of SEVEN to be denied entry to an end of term school disco because your mum missed the deadline to pay the £2.50 seems beyond harsh.

But that was the situation Stockport’s little Ella Delaney found herself in after her mum stumped up the meagre amount 24 hours after the deadline.

Although her mother tried to reason with staff she was told it was too late and Ella would not be able to enjoy party rings and pink wafers with the rest of her pals. The phrase ‘scarred for life’ springs to mind!

The pictures of the blonde-haired youngster with her bottom lip out splashed all over the nationals were enough to make even the strictest rule sticklers feel aggrieved.

Although the school disco had been flagged up in a school newsletter back in April, the busy working mum simply forgot to RSVP - an easy mistake to make and surely one her seven-year-old child shouldn’t be punished for.

Staff at the school defended their decision, stating staff ratios, catering and parental consent among the reasons.

You can kind of understand the need for such deadlines but once again it seems things are being taken to the extreme.

Would it have really caused that much of an issue to get in an extra paper plate and bottle of pop and let the poor girl have fun with her friends?

The problem is once again when it comes to enforcing rules and regulations, especially in a school environment, common sense rarely seems to prevail.