Tenant gets boot in Swinton drug-dealing clampdown

A NUISANCE tenant has been evicted and three more have received warnings as part of a police drive to tackle drug dealing in Swinton.

Officers from the Wentworth North Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) executed search warrants on three suspected cannabis farms on Goodwin Crescent, Rowms Lane and Manor Road.

They netted £3000 worth of cannabis and the tenants in all three properties – all men – received formal warnings from Rotherham 2010, which manages the council’s housing, for breach of tenancy.

Police also issued warning notices for drugs possession.

Meanwhile, another tenant has been evicted from flats on Broadway, for dealing drugs from the premises.

Inspector Dave White gave details of the various raids during an update of their priorities in May at the Wentworth North Area Assembly meeting in Swinton last week.

Afterwards, he said: “The main problem with cannabis plants is that neighbours complain about the smell; that their children can’t sleep in a particular room; and that they suffer from headaches.

“We will continue to work with the community to target people who are cultivating cannabis and causing a nuisance.”

* The SNT team issued two people with £80 fixed penalty notices on May 6 after they were caught drinking within the alcohol exclusion zone in Montgomery Square, Wath.